K-12 Teachers
Get involved at SCCA! Bring ceramics practice and education to your students!

Read on to find out how you can engage with SCCA to enhance your own ceramics skills and practice AND how you can bring clay arts into your school to share with your students!

Become a member!

Anyone can become a studio member and gain access to all membership benefits!

Visual Arts teachers actively teaching in Hamilton County qualify for our special visual arts teacher membership rate in addition to special session fees: Annual membership is $50. Session fees are $10.

Free firing options for your students’ pieces


If using the studio to finish student work for your classroom, session fee will be waived if ALL of the following criteria are met:
- you are dropping off only
- work was created by students in your classroom
- pieces will take up less than one full kiln shelf
- your deadline for getting pieces back is more than four weeks out

*Please note that all work fired at SCCA must use our approved Cone 6 clays and glazes, which can be purchased from the studio: $30/25-pound bag of clay (Buncombe White, Speckled Brownstone, or Earthenware Red); glaze prices vary by quantity and ingredients. We recommend purchasing Speedball brand underglazes for your studio.


Field Trips

Open to any grade level.

We would love to have you and your students come visit the studio! You may lead the lesson or we can arrange one of our instructors to be the teaching artist. Pricing depends upon instructor and desired activity/project. We can only accommodate groups up to 25. 

(Example program 1: Up to 25 students. You lead instruction for creation of one piece, SCCA provides tour of studio, clay, tools, glaze and firing. = $6/student)

(Example program 2:  12 students. 2 hours. SCCA instructor leads demo and basic introduction to wheel throwing, SCCA provides studio tour, clay, tools, wheels, glaze and firing. = $12/student)

Complete the form below to request your field trip. Our studio staff will be in contact within a few days to discuss the details of your visit and provide a price quote.

Name *
Contact phone number *
Contact phone number
You can provide a range of dates or specific date and time.
Please be as specific as possible: Handbuilding (coil, slab, pinch), Sculpture, Wheel, demo or creation; studio tour; glazing demo; finishing; one visit or multi-visit)
Select the option that BEST describes the purpose of your field trip