SCCA Member Chip Dantzler creates beautiful Garden Sculpture

During a Garden Sculpture class this summer, SCCA member Chip Dantzler created a stunning piece that we simply had to share with everyone. Under the instruction of Carrie Anne Parks, Chip spent over 6 weeks handbuilding his garden sculpture with large coils. He built it slowly and carefully in three separate sections so that it could fit in our studio kiln. It took weeks for the entire piece to completely dry out before we could fire it in our kiln. While both Chip and Carrie Anne were nervous to see how the piece would turn out after it was fired, you can tell from the photos that Chip’s lady came out wonderfully and has a new home in Chip’s backyard. Great job Chip (and Carrie Anne)!

SCCA Instructor Carrie Anne Parks named as Master Artist in the MAAP 2020 Program


We are pleased to announce that one of our own SCCA instructors, Carrie Anne Parks, is an integral part of the 2020 Master Artist / Apprentice Program (MAAP). We encourage any of our SCCA students or members to apply to this incredible opportunity to learn from amazing instructors!


Tennessee Craft, in partnership with the Tennessee Arts Commission, announces the opening of the 2020 Master Artist / Apprentice Program (MAAP) application process. This mentoring program offers emerging artists a unique opportunity to learn traditional and contemporary craft skills firsthand from master craft artists.

All artists in the program choose challenging goals that will advance their skills and knowledge as craft artists. The MAAP was created to boost artists to the next level of their professional development during an intensive six-month one-on-one mentorship, not typically available in most learning environments.

Awarded apprentices receive an $1,800 stipend to work with their chosen master from December 1, 2019 to June 15, 2020. APPLY HERE by the November 1 deadline:

Featured Member - August 2019 | Greg Kniedler

Featured Member- Greg Kniedler SCCA

What drew you to ceramics/pottery?

I have always liked to build things and my main focus over the years has always been woodworking but for the longest time I have always wanted to try many hands at pottery. Being able to make a bowl, pitcher, mug or other items out of clay sounded real exciting to me and I had to give it a try. While I was working and raising a family with my wife Leslie, there just wasn’t anytime to attempt pottery. Upon retirement I had more free time and I took my first class at SCCA about a year and half ago. Following the beginners class my wife purchased an SCCA membership for me and the rest is history.

What has been your favorite class you've taken with SCCA?

I have taken three pottery classes, all dealing with the potter’s wheel. I learned many new things in each class and the instructors would encourage everyone to go beyond their comfort zone and try something new. For example, my last class I was encouraged to increase the amount of clay that was centered on the wheel and with a few new techniques I was able to achieve this goal. Each instructor at SCCA has something new to offer their students. This provides the student with many learning opportunities.

What has pottery taught you about yourself?

Pottery has taught me that it takes a lot of practice to build the skills for making objects on the wheel. Pottery also allows one to bring their creativity to life. This creativity can take the form of the object that is coming off of your potter’s wheel to adding creative designs to your object. The most challenging part of the creativity for me is how to finish your object with the glazes that are available. Being color challenged I experiment and there have been some interesting combination of colors. The neat thing about pottery is that there is no limit to your creativity.

Anything else you’d like to add about SCCA?

Having SCCA in Chattanooga is out of this world. Being new to pottery, everyone at SCCA, staff and fellow potters are friendly and helpful. They take their time to answer my very simple questions. Having SCCA has allowed me to pursue pottery as a hobby and to have fun and meet new friends. Come join us!

Featured Member - July 2019 | Carol VandenBosch & Dianna Crotzer

Dianna Crotzer and Carol VandenBosch met through different creative ventures, but clay has really brought them together during the last 6 months. They met each other through a mosaic glass class that Carol was teaching. Now Dianna⁠—who has worked in clay over the last 35 years— teaches Carol her craft.

We asked Dianna, what has clay taught her throughout the years? "Clay has taught me patience." She added, "If you can think of something in 3D you can make it out of clay."

We asked Carol what she liked about pottery. "I've always loved color...clay has given me another opportunity to play and use color,” she said.


UTC Occupational Therapy comes to SCCA

This week, students from UTC’s Occupational Therapy program learned a new form of self-care. Students learned how to handbuild with clay during their two-session workshop. They explored how clay is more than just playing with mud - it offers an opportunity for self-expression, mindful relaxation, leisure, and fun! Ceramics and occupational therapy can go hand-in-hand - promoting mental health care, community, and creativity.

Thanks to UTC for stopping by the studio to get your hands dirty!