SCCA is a non-profit organization that is run by artists and art enthusiasts.
Meet our team of  talented art lovers who work hard to provide you this amazing studio!




Adam Kirby : Interim Executive Director

 Adam has a B.F.A from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, with studies in sculpture and ceramics and continuing education as a ceramic apprentice for Shadow May, a local clay artist. Since graduating, Adam has been actively invested in the Chattanooga community through his art, as well as, helping other art  organizations
thrive. He co-owns LIT Art Gallery, and is a co-founder of ARC. He joined SCCA in January 2018,  and he is devoted to seeing it grow even more into a successful arts organization. More about his current body of work and achievements can be found here.


Jill Bright : Studio Manager/Instuctor

Jill is a dedicated artist and teacher. She has a passion for clay that can only be matched for her passion towards teaching it. A dedicated studio manager - making sure everything is handled correctly and runs smoothly. Her goal is to meet the varying needs of our members, and she strives on a daily basis to meet this goal.


Rowan Finnegan : Studio Assistant

Rowan is a young emerging ceramic artist whose skills have grown since she became as a member. She is now a studio assistant. Her time working as an assistant and artist has given her a wealth of knowledge , so she can  aid members of the studio. 


Lauren Holmes : Office Assistant

Lauren is new to ceramics but has quickly fallen in love with working with this material. She works as a office assistant and works to make sure the studio runs smoothly. 


Loren Howard : Instructor / Studio Technician

Loren has worked proffessionally in multiple media from film, set design, bronze and multiple large sculptures. After receiving a BS in computer animation in 2003 he fell in love with the tactile nature of clay and 3 dimensional design which moved his work from digital toward experimental week long wood firings, atmospheric firings, Japanese, and Chinese aesthetics, and the firing techniques and glazes they used. Experimentation developing new techniques as well as learning old techniques is more important to him than the finished product. 



carrie anne parks.jpg

Carrie Anne Parks : Instructor

Carrie Anne began making tiles at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA, where she completed a B.F.A. in ceramics and drawing. Following college, she worked as an apprentice to potter Takeo Sudo in Mashiko, Japan. She then earned an M.F.A., with an emphasis in ceramic sculpture, at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. In 1982, she joined the faculty of Alma College in Alma, MI, where tilemaking was a regular part of her 3-d design curriculum. She often had opportunities to collaborate with her students on tile installations for the College and completed a number of large-scale tile installations of her own. Carrie Anne’s figurative drawings and ceramic sculptures are exhibited nationally and have been included in numerous books on contemporary ceramics. Recently, her work has won awards in the Cheongju International Craft Competition in Cheongju, Korea and the Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition in Peoria, IL. In 2015, she relocated to her hometown, Chattanooga, where she has set up a new studio.


Paul Whetstone : Instructor

Paul developed a passion for pottery as a senior in high school. This passion truly flourished while he was in college at UT Knoxville studying ceramics. His favorite forms are utilitarian, wheel-thrown pieces that can be used in our daily lives. Paul believe that one of a kind, handmade objects play a vital role in our modern world. They offset the impersonal repetitiveness of mass produced goods, and remind us of our ancient traditions as artists and craftspeople. Paul says " I am drawn to the process of production pottery. Turning a piece of raw clay into a permanent, usable object through the many steps of the process has always mesmerized me, and I become easily lost in concentration while I undertake each piece. I am excited to share my love and knowledge with students at SCCA. This is an inspiring studio to be a part of, with many talented artists of different backgrounds and aesthetic approaches."


Mignonne Pearson: Chair

Lolly Durant: President

Carol Mitchell: Secretary 

Matt Ferguson :Treasurer

Alex Quarles

Todd Lusk

Kim Brown