Badge Programs for Scouts

These workshops are designed around the requirements for the Brownie Potter Badge and Scouts BSA Pottery Merit Badge.

Workshops do not have pre-scheduled dates. Scout leaders or parents can contact SCCA to schedule their troop for one of the programs. We can arrange a workshop for ANY age group and tailor the program to meet your group’s interests!

Each workshop works best when scheduled to meet twice, with a week between sessions to allow all created work to fully dry before second session. Work finished at second session will be fired in the studio and students will be contacted (after 1-4 weeks) when work is ready to be picked up from studio. If group can only meet once, than they will only complete the Week 1 activities; work will then be finished and fired by studio staff.



Brownie Pottery Badge (2nd-3rd graders)

This workshop meets the requirements for the Brownie Pottery Badge.

The first session covers clay vocabulary and 3 simple methods of making a pot: pinch, coil, and slab. The students will observe each demonstration and choose their favorite method and will be guided step by step to create their own pot. Afterwards, the students will make several handmade clay beads for their Art piece - a handcrafted jewelry item.

During the second session, the students will paint their pot and beads using underglaze. Students will review clay vocabulary and get a tour of the clay studio.


Intro to Ceramics for Cub Scouts (ages 6-11)

In this workshop, students receive an introduction to ceramics with hands-on learning and creating.

Week 1 will cover vocabulary & safety and students will make one of each: slab pot, coil pot, pinch pot, and animal or human figure. During Week 2, students will glaze and paint their pieces and receive a lesson on the kiln firing process. 

This workshop must have a minimum of 4 students.
COST: $50/student

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This workshop will cover all the Scouts BSA requirements for earning the Pottery Merit Badge. 

Week 1 will cover vocabulary & safety and students will make one of each: slab pot, coil pot, pinch pot, animal or human figure & functional form thrown on potter’s wheel  During Week 2, students will use glazes and/or underglazes to decorate their five pieces and will learn about SCCA's electric kiln along with general kiln firing processes. 

Workshop is led by professional potters and ceramics instructors Nicole Johnson and Loren Howard and has been approved by the Boys Scouts of America, Cherokee Area Council.

This workshop must have a minimum of 6 students.
COST: $80/student