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Glazes with Loren Howard


Mondays: March 4 - March 25
6p.m. - 9 p.m.
4 classes
$200 per person

Students will learn about glaze chemistry from a more right brain approach without most of that pesky math. 

The class will cover topics including: 

  • A basic understanding of the chemistry of a glass and how the chemicals and proportions that make a glaze produce specific qualities like fluidity, opacity, gloss, matte.

  • How the colorants in our glazes produce each color, surface effects and opacity

  • How some glazes can be used together in specific proportions to produce colors that cant be produced otherwise. 

  • Focus will be cone 6 oxidation glazes. 

With this knowledge, students will learn to predict how two glazes will interact when overlapped based on their chemistry and test their theories with test tiles using the 20+ glazes we have in stock.

The hope for this course is to begin building a glaze overlap grid for the studio.

What's included:
4 Instructional sessions covering the topics above and creating glazed tiles for a studio reference panel.

4 Free sessions (including kiln firing of pieces) for students to use to practice their own glazing and combinations ($60 Dollar value).

If you have to miss a class, we will give you a free session so you can practice and make up for it!

SCCA must have at least 3 students to have a class. If 3 students aren’t enrolled in time for the class to start, we will inform and refund you.

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