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Cut Tile Mosaics with Carrie Anne Parks

A cut mosaic tile by Carrie Anne Parks

A cut mosaic tile by Carrie Anne Parks

March 21 - April 11
1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
4 classes
$225 per person

This class will focus on ways of composing images and designing tiles with which to build them. We will work with colored slips and underglazes as well as the studio's variety of mid-range glazes to enhance the surfaces of your tiles. Framing*, mounting, and grouting techniques will also be demonstrated. 

*If you wish to frame your tiles, you will need to gather your own supplies for this (wood, mastic, grout, etc.)

SCCA must have at least 3 students to have a class. If 3 students aren’t enrolled in time for the class to start, we will inform and refund you.

What's included:
4 3-hour instructional sessions
1 Free Bag of clay ($30 value)
4 Free sessions ($60 Dollar value)
Cost of class $225

If you have to miss a class, we will give you a free session so you can practice and make up for it!